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Most people think about babies when hearing the word “ultrasound,” but these non-invasive tests have many more uses for your health. Dr. Stanley John uses ultrasounds to detect heart disease, check for sources of inflammation, and examine bodily organs. He offers onsite ultrasound testing at Bethel Medical Associates for your convenience. Schedule your ultrasound at the New City, New York practice over the phone or by using the online booking option.

Ultrasound Test Q & A

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How do ultrasound tests work?

An ultrasound, or sonogram, captures pictures of the inside of your body using high-frequency sound waves. These pictures allow Dr. John to detect problems with your organs.

Ultrasound is a very safe, non-invasive procedure that involves no radiation whatsoever. The test doesn’t hurt and causes no known harmful effects, which is why physicians prefer ultrasound testing when appropriate.

Even though ultrasounds are often related to pregnancy, medical professionals use ultrasounds for a variety of other applications.

What can you look for with an ultrasound?

Sonographers use ultrasounds for a variety of diagnostic and treatment methods. They use them to:

  • Determine the underlying cause of pain, swelling, or infection
  • Assess an unborn baby’s development
  • Guide needles for biopsies and other minimally-invasive procedures
  • Diagnose heart disease
  • Evaluate damage from a heart attack
  • Examine internal organs and glands

How do I prepare for an ultrasound?

Dr. John provides all pre-testing requirements before your appointment, but most of the time there are no special preparations. However, some pregnant women may have to withhold urination an hour before their ultrasound. If your doctor needs an ultrasound of your abdomen, you may have to fast in the hours leading up to the ultrasound.

You may also want to wear loose clothing for the ultrasound. The technician may need to push your clothing aside or ask you to get undressed and put on a hospital gown.

What happens during an ultrasound?

A sonographer applies gel to your skin and glides a probe across the area in question while you lie still on an exam table. The gel helps transmit the sound waves produced by the probe. Those sound waves bounce off your organs and get translated into images on a computer screen.

The sonographer captures images and clips from those ultrasound readings. They may have you hold your breath or adjust your position on occasion to get a better view. Then, the technician sends the readings to your doctor for interpretation.

Your sonographer may not be able to discuss what they see while they’re performing an ultrasound. Once they complete the ultrasound, they wipe the gel off your skin and allow you to get dressed. Once Dr. John evaluates your test, he discusses the results with you.

To make an appointment with Dr. John for an ultrasound, call the office or use the easy online scheduler.