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Nearly one-third of the US population has a chronic disease and, often, those affected are unaware that they have it. An annual checkup with Dr. Stanley John gives you an opportunity to discover or rule out those conditions. Dr. John provides yearly exams and on-site lab work at Bethel Medical Associates. If you live in the New City, New York area and need to schedule an annual physical, call the clinic or use the online booking option.

Physical Exams Q & A

When does my doctor need to perform a physical exam?

Anytime you visit the office for a medical concern, Dr. John assesses your condition with a physical exam and questions about your health history. He performs a physical exam during sick visits and yearly wellness exams alike.

A physical exam during a sick visit isn’t usually as comprehensive as it is during a yearly wellness exam. During a sick visit, Dr. John performs an assessment based on the symptoms of your illness and focuses on diagnosing an acute condition. During a yearly physical, he assesses your overall health.

Why are physical examinations important?

Physical exams provide Dr. John with tangible evidence about your body’s condition. Physical exams also help you take a preventive stance toward your health. Dr. John can help you minimize your risk factors for disease and keep you updated on your vaccinations.

During a physical exam, Dr. John may also be able to detect conditions before they produce symptoms or progress. Early treatment provides the best outcomes.

Finally, physical exams are an excellent opportunity to establish an ongoing relationship with your doctor. By getting to know you, Dr. John can detect changes in your body and take appropriate action.

What happens during a physical exam?

During an annual physical, Dr. John asks about your personal medical history and makes updates to your family history. He also evaluates your physical appearance for signs of dermatologic or neurologic conditions. If you have any concerns about your health, you can bring them up at this time.

Next, he checks your vital signs, including your blood pressure, pulse, and temperature. Then, he uses his stethoscope to listen to your heart and lungs.

After that, Dr. John performs a head and neck check. He examines your thyroid, lymph nodes, and carotid arteries with his hands and uses various tools to check your tonsils, eyes, ears, and sinuses.

From there, he asks you to lie back on the exam table and proceeds to check your abdomen for signs of concern. He assesses your reflexes, muscle strength, nerve response, and other signs of neurologic health. He may also check the pulse and temperature of your arms and legs.

Dr. John can include men’s health and well-woman exams as part of your annual physical. He may even recommend routine lab screenings.

Schedule your yearly checkup today by calling the New City, New York clinic or using the online scheduler.