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EKG tests take seconds to perform and provide vital information about your heart. Through this test, Dr. Stanley John can tell if you’ve suffered a heart attack or carry heart disease risk factors. The professionals at Bethel Medical Associates perform EKG tests on-site so that they can provide necessary treatment right away. To set up an EKG test, contact the New City, New York practice online or over the phone.

EKG Test Q & A

What is an EKG test?

EKG stands for electrocardiogram, which is a test for heart disease. The test detects and records electrical activity in your heart. It picks up on your heart rhythms and provides information about your blood flow.

Every time your heart beats, an electrical pulse flows through your heart. The EKG waves show Dr. John how strong your heartbeat is, how long it takes, and how well it recovers. It also provides information about the thickness of your heart muscle and the physical orientation of your heart.

When do I need an EKG test?

Dr. John uses EKG to detect underlying heart problems and to diagnose heart attacks. He may also use EKG during a stress test.

Dr. John performs EKGs during physical exams for people with heart disease risk factors. He also performs them during urgent care visits if you present signs of heart-related distress such as chest tightness and shortness of breath.

What happens during an EKG?

While you lie on an exam table, a technician attaches 10-12 electrodes to various spots on your chest, arms, and legs. Then, he or she attaches wires to the electrodes to connect them to the EKG machine.

Once the machine is ready, the technician may ask you to lie still and hold your breath. While the test is in progress, the electrodes transmit information to a computer from various directions, which translates the readings into a printed graph. Dr. John reviews the graph for any signs of trouble.

It takes a few minutes to place the electrodes on your body, but the EKG test itself only takes a few seconds to perform. The test doesn’t produce any electrical activity; it just detects it, and you won’t feel anything during the test.

What does an abnormal EKG reading mean?

Abnormal results could indicate many different issues. It may reflect an electrolyte imbalance or an abnormal heart shape or size. Abnormal electrical pulses may also be a sign of a heart attack.

If you make any movements during an EKG, it can alter the readings. Medication can also alter your heart rate and rhythm, leading to abnormal results.

If you need to schedule an EKG, contact the New City, New York clinic online or over the phone.