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Blood tests are a routine practice at Bethel Medical Associates. Dr. Stanley John orders blood draws for preventive care, sick visits, and disease diagnostics. By using blood tests, Dr. John obtains an accurate picture of your health and can produce an effective treatment plan. If you need to schedule a blood test in the New City, New York area, call the clinic or use the online booking option.

Blood Test Q & A

What does my blood tell you about my health?

If Dr. John orders blood tests at your appointment, he’s checking for indicators of disease, because the components of your blood can reveal diseases and conditions related to your bones, heart, and even your blood itself.

The most common blood tests Dr. John orders include a complete blood count, metabolic panel, blood enzyme test, and lipoprotein panel.

Complete blood count

By looking at your platelet, hemoglobin, and red and white blood cell counts, Dr. John can make several inferences about your health, such as if you’re fighting an infection or you’re low on iron. With a complete blood count, he can detect anemia, infection, clotting dysfunction, immune system issues, and blood disorders.

Metabolic panel

A metabolic panel provides information about the health of your muscles, bones, kidneys, and liver. Dr. John may check your glucose levels for signs of diabetes, or your calcium and electrolyte levels to detect other medical conditions. Abnormal levels of blood urea nitrogen and creatinine are markers of kidney disease.

Blood enzyme test

If Dr. John suspects an imminent or prior heart attack, he may order a blood enzyme test. Enzymes like troponin and creatine kinase in the blood are signs of a heart attack.

Lipoprotein panel

Dr. John uses Lipoprotein panels to assess your risk for coronary heart disease. High cholesterol and triglyceride levels increase your risk for heart disease.

When do I need blood tests?

Dr. John may order blood labs during your annual physical to check for markers and risk factors for disease. If you see Dr. John for a sick visit, he may request a blood test to confirm your diagnosis.

Blood tests provide higher accuracy for detecting pregnancy, so Dr. John may suggest them for women who think they could be pregnant.

If you’re scheduled for surgery, you may need blood tests to verify your readiness. Finally, Dr. John uses blood tests to assess how well medical treatments are working.

How do I prepare for a blood draw?

Dr. John provides all necessary instructions before your blood draw. You may need to avoid eating or taking certain medications before the blood draw.

It’s helpful to drink plenty of water before a blood test, especially if medical personnel have a hard time drawing your blood, because it helps plump your veins. If the blood draw makes you feel tired or dizzy, you may need to rest and drink water for the next 24 hours.

To schedule your blood draw, contact Bethel Medical Associates online or over the phone.